Celebrated each year, The Pharmacist day focuses on the importance of pharmacists, and it honors how much they impact our health and well-being. And we could not just get past this without recognizing their efforts. The role of a pharmacist has changed throughout the years and if at the beginning they were just a provider of substances prescribed by a doctor, now they are part of the health care team that significantly contributes to a patients’ recovery. And the examples of famous pharmacists are countless, but so are the fun facts. Ever wondered how Agatha Christie knew so much about poisons and deadly substances that she described in her novels? Well, you should know that she was a pharmacy dispenser during World War I. Also, some of the most well-known beverages like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or Ginger Ale were all invented by pharmacists. So it isn’t always what you know, but how you use what you know.

The history of pharmacy

The medical field is one that includes many specialties and sub-domains and each and every one of them has its specific and well-defined role. A complementary profession of the medical field is the profession of pharmacist, and one without the other could not work. And we all know what an important role the pharmacy plays in treating patients. Historically speaking, a pharmacist had the fundamental role to ensure that the medication prescribed by physicians is appropriate and that physicians are provided with medications needed in order to treat their patients. In contemporary times, the role of a pharmacist is to advise patients and health care providers on the selection, dosage, administration, and side effects of drugs. Moreover, a pharmacist monitors the health, progress of patients, and use medications for appropriate treatment for each patient, as they have a high level of knowledge regarding ingredients and their effects.

Historically speaking, it is considered that the two disciplines, medicine, and pharmacy, have worked together for a very long time. The separation between the two was marked by the appearance of the first pharmacy in the 8th century on Arab territories, together with the first literature mentions and descriptions of dedicated pharmacists, owners of pharmacies related to local hospitals of that time. But back then, although the sellers of various remedies were very popular, the pharmacists themselves, people with a vast medical culture and dedicated to pharmaceutical concerns, stood out. In other words, we can talk about thousands of years of searching, studying, testing, valuing plant, animal, or chemical origin products, about deciphering the healing process. The evolution of this science has led from the empirical use of some medicines to the vast amount of knowledge needed in order to obtain the modern medicines that we use today.

Why are pharmacist important?

As the co-founder of Al-Kimiya, I realized that my passion for this field was born a long time ago. Ever since I was a little girl, I was fond of medicine and pharmacy, of white robes. At a personal level, I have always loved working closely with people, feeling a deep sense of accomplishment whenever my advice was needed and I could be of help. Working with people is always dynamic and brings you something new each and every day and that it is something that can fundamentally change you and help you develop, both at a personal and professional level. This is what I have experienced.

Wanting to take my passion for pharmacy and for the wellbeing of others to the next level, I have co-founded Al-Kimiya, a brand of organic, manually created cosmetic products that embrace a holistic approach,  promoting a wellness ritual for the mind, body, and soul in order to bring harmony in our lives. Al-Kimiya has in its core the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. This is why the treatment has to address the person as a whole, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of an illness or disease.

Al-Kimiya – a holistic recipe for wellbeing

The concept for the Al-Kimiya organic cosmetics started with my strong wish of creating and offering efficient cosmetic products, developed by professionals who have the medical knowledge and needed experience in order to achieve the promised results. Right now, three of our team members are highly qualified pharmacists and they are constantly working on researching and creating the best holistic products in our portfolio. With Al-Kimiya, we chose to define and create high-quality organic cosmetics for skincare based on organic ingredients: therapeutic essential oils, plant extracts, and vegetable oils. We pay special attention to the ingredients we use, they are carefully selected, based on their main properties and characteristics, according to the recipes we have developed (depending on the characteristics and needs of each skin type), as our goal is to provide individualized, effective solutions. We want to use as many certified organic ingredients of high purity as possible. In our vision, the ingredients are the ones that make the difference, and obtaining efficient and high-quality products involves the use of appropriate ingredients.

The entire line of Al-Kimiya organic cosmetics is manufactured in our laboratory, in Cluj-Napoca. This is where, together with my team of professionals, we define and design innovative recipes with organic ingredients for each and every product, on a regular basis so that the clients receive products as fresh as possible.  Our mission is to combine our passion and experience in research with the passion for cosmetics, in an attempt to launch on the market innovative, high quality, and, most important, effective formulas.

Why organic cosmetics are better

You may ask yourself what is the difference between natural and organic cosmetics. Both of them contain natural components of natural origin. Then what is the difference and why is one brand “natural” and another “organic”? According to international standards, concepts such as “natural” or “organic” for cosmetics should be based on certain conditions such as the active ingredients in the composition, their origin, purity or auxiliary components and their origin, maximum permissible concentration (in order to be non-toxic), skin effects and possible side effects.

Being inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of the Arabs, who were the first to study alchemy and to create all-natural cosmetics, we focus on enriching one’s life by studying old recipes and designing the skincare we need, based on organic ingredients only. This is why their products really deliver the results promised. From the Rejuvenate Face Serum, made from the world’s most nutrient-rich essential oils and recommended for aging effects on the skin (loss of elasticity, irritations, dryness, wrinkles) to Empower Face Serum for men in order to improve skin tone, soothe irritation and smooth the skin’s texture, all Al-Kimiya products are designed to restore skin to its optimum beauty. Based on centuries-old recipes, our products are carefully created with natural ingredients, according to skin types and specificities so that their effect is as promised.

It’s all about the purity of our products.